Products I've led:

Product | 01

Find My Flock 

A dream-job-landing platform. Inclusivity-vetted companies, suggestions of roles you may not realize you're qualified for, and filtering by benefits. 80% users say they'd rather find a job through our site than any other.


Read what Brad Feld blogged about us.

Product | 02

Women Rising

A site that algorithmically matches women with a mentor. Enter in your field, level of experience, and top goals and get introduced to someone who can answer your questions. 


Featured in the 2016 documentary Generation Startup.

Product | 03

Go Code Colorado | <div>ersity

A conversational chatbot for native Android + iOS mobile apps to drive diversity in hiring. Tied together multiple datasets from the Colorado Information Marketplace and Glassdoor API.


Won the Denver's Go Code Colorado hackathon